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Sequel to "Playing with Existence"

Hey everyone.

I realise I should have begun posting the sequel to PWE about a month ago. Unfortunately, writers block has hit me like a trick wall suddenly turned solid. I have about half a chapter (since I also lost my notebook) but you'll just have to wait a while for the fic.

However, I do have a title. The sequel will be called "Inverse Memoria". I will leave you to figure out the plot, such as it is, from that title.

In an attempt to find some creativity, I am also offering drabbles. First five people to offer a prompt, pairing and rating will have them. Go! You can ask for a little excerpt from PWE if you like. I enjoy deleated scenes.

Finally, I will offer this just to let you know what's in store. My favourite line so far:

"Lightning split the skin of the night sky with jagged, metallic slashes and somewhere in the distance, a thin wail echoed through the darkness."
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