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I'm still facing writer's block, sorry! I've moved over to original writing instead for a while, until my fandom muse returns. I would like to add, though, that my original version of "Playing with Existence" is now available at under the title "The Stone of Alkair Taì". Go and have a look! P.S. This version is het. Now on to the drabble!

Disclaimer: J.K.Rowling owns all rights to Harry Potter.
Title: Student Bedtimes
Word Count: 169
Rating: R
Pairing: Dumbledore/Filch
Author Notes: For Omegapi, who requested Dumbledore/Filch and Singing in the Rain. Sorry this took so long: I forgot all about it.

“I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain,” Ron skipped ahead of them through the grounds of Hogwarts School.
“Why did you have to show him that stupid film?” Harry grumbled to Hermione, pulling his cloak closer around him against the beating rain.
“I thought it would be educational, since Ron doesn’t have much experience with muggle things,” Hermione replied. Both stopped and looked up as Ron’s song died off in a terrified squeak. Before them, a figure in a great purple cloak, scattered with silvery stars, moved and moaned beneath the cover of the trees. Up against the rough tree trunk, the face of Argus Filch was screwed up in ecstasy. Ron turned and ran, Harry and Hermione tearing themselves from the horror and fleeing behind him. As they approached the castle doors in the windy night, they blew open as if of their own violation, revealing a tall, sallow figure within.
“Now you know,” Snape said quietly, “Why students must stay in bed at night.”
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