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Inverse Memoria - Prologue

Inverse (V)- turn upside down; pervert; change;
Memoria (N)- memory, recollection; history; time within memory

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Thunder crashed in the empty skies and lightening rolled through the clouds, striking down every so often in holy war against the earth. The thin blades of lightening danced in the sky, growing ever sharper, offset by the war drums of the heavy clouds. In a small house in Privet Drive, the storm swept up over the perfectly manicured gardens and delved into the dark windows, throwing rain harshly against the windows. Inside, a woman screamed. The doctor worked by candlelight against the added problems of a power cut and the dim light flickered through the windows, challenging the darkness outside. The doctor struggled with the woman, fighting to release the child trapped within and a man paced in the dark room below, worried, helpless, while an older man and woman sat on the sofa beside him. From above the old man could hear the screams and it took him back to darker times, times he wished to forget.

The man gazed up at the ceiling and felt a moment’s fleeting panic as the screams died away into silence. Then the door above opened and the doctor called down for water. As the rain eased off and passed again over the house, a wail split the air and a child was born.

In the night outside, the clouds shifted and cleared, the rain passed over and washed away the debris of a storm struck garden. The people inside, delighting over their new baby, did not hear the thin strains of phoenix song, and never saw the burst of flame that sent a warm glow over the cold, lonely rooftops. The baby heard, and laughed, and reached up with tiny hands. He would not hear it again for eleven years.
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